A different Kind of Grocery Store

Our Story

 How Farmer Joe’s Began

Many people ask us “Who is Farmer Joe”? And yes, he was a real person… he was a farmer that Lee Snyder Sr worked for as a young man, waking up before dawn to source local produce and then set up roadside produce stands, using tomato boxes and plywood as tables.

Beyond the role that Farmer Joe played in influencing Lee Sr’s life, he has become a representation of the important things in life - like bringing real food back to the family dinner table and making our communities a better place by creating jobs and championing local products.

At Farmer Joes, we believe in getting back to the basics, back to simpler times when you know where your food comes from and you can have conversations with your butcher and baker. We are an independent, family-owned, and operated grocery store that is committed to providing our customers with farm-fresh food for less.

Our owners include Lee Snyder Sr, who is passionate about produce and has a long history of partnering with farmers, son Lee Snyder Jr who focuses on procurement and running the business behind the scenes, son Christopher Snyder, a veteran, who is running receiving and learning the retail business, and Sammy Kay, who is both an innovator and visionary.

Our Mission

To bring real food back to the family dinner table by partnering with farmers, championing local products, and creating an enchanting customer experience.

What Makes Farmer Joe's Different?

If we can buy it from local farmers, we do. When we can’t buy it locally, we source it from top providers across America.

The reason we can offer such high-quality products for extremely affordable prices is that we’ve cut out the middle man and passed the savings on to you.

Not only do we carry a variety of all the essentials, but we are also proud to offer tons of specialty products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Yes, Farmer Joes proudly accepts EBT!