Ethnic Foods Department

 Tastes from All Over the World

Whether you’re looking for ingredients to make traditional meals, or want to discover something new, the Ethnic Foods Department at Farmer Joe’s has something for everyone. We are proud to offer an ethnic department larger than most grocery stores.

Explore new flavors from the Mediterranean and Caribbean, South and Central America, Asia, Europe, and much more!

Featured Vendor

Don Carlo

Exquisite yogurts, cookies, and crackers imported from beautiful South America.

Featured Local Vendor

The Peru Chef

Farmer Joe’s carries a variety of dry grocery and frozen foods from The Peru Chef, including a wide variety of sauces, seasonings, flour, and flax seeds.

Featured Local Vendor

La Real

Fresh tortillas and more, made with care, in sunny Miami Florida. Discover the difference of La Real!

Featured Vendor

Goya Foods

If it’s Goya, it has to be good! We’re proud to offer a large selection of Goya foods at Farmer Joe’s!