Farmers’ Market Coloring Book Contest

July 15, 2022

At Farmer Joe’s, we love having the opportunity to host different events for our community. We especially enjoy offering things that allow children to get involved and learn about how a farmers’ market fits into their community.  In June, all of us at Farmer Joe’s decided we needed to have some summer fun and hosted our First Annual Coloring Book Contest! To say it was a blast is truly an understatement. Children ages three years old to ten years old were able to participate in the contest. Then, our Facebook followers voted on the top three candidates from each age bracket. The prize was a free make-your-own pizza kit from Farmer Joe’s!  It was so much fun to see the creativity that came from this coloring book contest. Here are some details on the beautiful pictures that our final three winners colored: 

Ages 3-5 Years Old

We sure love the creativity that can come from the three to five-year-old age group! Nothing says wonder like being at this age! It was tough for our Facebook followers to choose between all the incredible finalists in this bracket. Ultimately, we were so excited to see that Kinsley, a wonderful 5-year-old, won the pizza kit prize! Kinsley blew everyone away with her coloring skills. She went for a classic look, using classic Farmer’s Joe’s red for the tractor, farmhouse, and title on the top of the coloring page. She chose black for the puppy inside the tractor and ensured the cow and sheep were traditional in their colors. Way to go, Kinsley! We loved your coloring book page.

Ages 6-8 Years Old

The six and eight-year-old group had so many unique entrees! Ultimately, our Facebook followers chose seven-year-old Scarlett’s coloring book page. Her beautiful masterpiece was the perfect combination of classic and outside of the box. She chose blue and yellow for her tractor and classic brown color for the puppy dog inside. The colors she chose for the entire picture were vibrant. Scarlett’s creativity impressed our Facebook followers and won her the free pizza kit prize!

Ages 9-10 Years Old

Our nine and ten-year-olds brought some tough competition to this coloring book contest! There was so much creativity across the board, and our Facebook followers had their work cut out for them when casting their votes. At the end of the day, an “out of this world” coloring book page by 10-year-old Sydney won the free pizza kit prize. Sydney’s coloring was the epitome of uniqueness and creativity. She turned the dog sitting inside of the tractor into an alien, made the cow and the sheep astronauts, and included flying UFOs ascending from the sky. Sydney took the idea of a farmers’ market and completely changed it. Talk about thinking outside of the box! Sydney, we are so proud of you and your coloring skills. We hope you always stay this creative!

Our First Annual Coloring Book Contest was an absolute blast for us and a hit amongst children and families! We had so much fun watching the kids that participated in the contest get creative and excited about their pictures. It was also great to have our Facebook followers and customers involved in the voting process. We look forward to getting to have more opportunities for events like this at Farmer Joe’s. If you don’t already, be sure to follow our page on Facebook for all of the fun events we will be putting on throughout the year. We look forward to seeing all of our loyal customers and their families there!

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