Fresh Market Spring Break

March 14, 2024

The weather is warming up, the flowers are blooming, the kids are out of school and they are HUNGRY ALL DAY! From Fresh Market Favorites to pre-packaged lunches to grab-and-go dinners, Farmer Joe’s has you covered from breakfast to bedtime snacks. We know you care about your family and want to feel good about all of the meal and snack options you offer them throughout the day. That’s why we put so much care into our fresh market offerings.

Easy Lunches

Our Deli Department is fully stocked with the best quality meats and cheeses. Our prices make it easy to keep some on hand for easy snacks and kid-friendly charcuterie boards. Are you looking to maximize your mornings and cut down on prep time? Be sure to stop by our Sub Shop to order fresh pre-made subs and sammies to keep in the fridge. This lets your Spring Breakers grab one when they’re in the mood for a delicious and filling lunch! Our Grab & Go cases are full of all of the sides and extras – signature items like meatballs, homemade potato salad, made-from-scratch soups, and more!

If you have kids who prefer to be more independent with their mealtimes, we’ve even got you covered there! Stock up on Farmer Joe’s Market Fresh pre-made Lunchboxes. They’re packed with a sandwich and sides, ready to stack up in the fridge and be easily grabbed when sounds of “I’m hungry” start echoing through your house. 

Fresh Filling Snacks

Full of long-lasting energy and jam-packed with fiber, fresh fruit is a must-have for a house with hungry kids. (Even for the grown-ups). Thankfully, Spring is a GREAT season here in sunny SWFL for locally grown, farm-fresh fruits and veg. Our farmers work hard to grow, harvest, and fill up Farmer Joe’s produce department with delicious fruits and vegetables! Easy to Reach For Snack Ideas:

  • Pre-wash and cut your fresh market vegetables and store in food prep containers with individual portions of hummus and/or ranch dressing
  • Pre-wash fresh fruit and add it into jars of yogurt or overnight oats. Top with Farmer Joe’s local honey for a sweet treat to satisfy your sugar cravings in a healthier way!
  • Cut up apples and sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent browning. Pack them up with small containers of peanut butter, raisins, and chocolate chips for fun. These yummy options will occupy little hands as they choose whether to assemble their snacks before enjoying them. Or it could be dipping their apple slices into peanut butter and toppings as they go! (Maybe add a napkin or two to each container, just in case it gets a little messy!) 

Special Bakery Treats

Sometimes we all need an excuse to treat ourselves, so please consider this your guilt-free reason to indulge – it’s Spring Break! While that may or may not mean days spent with your toes in the sand and fresh Florida sunshine on your face, we still think it deserves its own special treat. Nothing quite says “I’m on Vacation” like a box of freshly made pastries and donuts, right? Be sure to stop by our Bakery to find your beloved favorites and get adventurous with finding your next favorite, like Farmer Joe’s Guava Tarts! 

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