Italian Food at Famer Joe’s

September 19, 2022

At Farmer Joe’s, we do not mess around when it comes to Italian food. We know that people who love to cook and eat Italian are serious about the ingredients they use. Our Italian department features the best of the best when it comes to fresh pasta and fresh mozzarella. We take pride in the fact that they are made from scratch daily. We have an entire aisle dedicated solely to delicious, imported straight-from-Italy products. There is no better place in Southwest Florida to grab everything you need for the perfect Italian meal. Read more to learn about our wide selection of Italian specialty products:

Venchi Chocolates

Have you ever heard of Venchi Chocolates? If not, you’re in for a real treat! Venchi Chocolates is a delicious brand of chocolates that originated in Italy over 140 years ago. Each bite of their sweet chocolates will leave you wanting more. They make for the perfect little pick-me-up or dessert after a big meal. Venchi carries classic options such as milk, dark, and white chocolates. They also offer unique choices like rhum, hazelnut, pistachio, and gianduja. Whatever your chocolate craving, Venchi chocolates has something gourmet and delectable for you. 

Cento Fine Foods

It’s not Italian without Cento Fine Foods. Any Italian food connoisseur knows and loves the Cento brand. Cento offers authentic Italian items that will keep you coming back for more. Many other well-known brands such as Anna, Bellino, Ferrara, Little Gina’s, Maurizio, La Florentine, Lidia Sauces, and Plasmon Biscuits fall are part of the Cento Fine Foods family. One of our favorite items from this brand is the San Marzano peeled tomatoes. They’re sure to make the perfect red sauce that’ll leave your dinner guests wanting seconds! Stop by aisle 7 in our store to find all your Cento needs.

Flora Products

Few imported Italian brands are trusted more than Flora. They are top-of-the-line and imported straight from Italy. At Farmer Joe’s, we offer a wide selection of Flora olive oils, varieties of pasta, and more. The Flora brand prides itself on providing the highest quality Italian ingredients. Their products are genuine, authentic, and sourced with the Italian food lover in mind. As they like to say, only the best of the best can wear the name Flora. Next time you’re in Farmer Joe’s, you must check out all the quality products we carry from them! 

Fresh Pasta, Mozzarella, and Proscuitto

We can’t talk about our wide variety of Italian foods without mentioning our fresh pasta, mozzarella, and prosciutto. Our pasta and mozzarella are made from scratch daily. That means that you will always get the freshest selections. We have an authentic prosciutto slicer and pedestal imported from Italy. That means we slice your prosciutto the way it’s supposed to be every time. We are confident that you will never be disappointed with the quality and freshness of the Italian foods we offer at Farmer Joe’s. If you’re curious, you must come to see for yourself!

Farmer Joe’s does Italian food the right way. We make sure that we do not miss when it comes to our Italian options so that you are never disappointed. Whether you’re someone who’s just started to explore cooking Italian food or someone who’s been doing it for years, we have the best options for all the ingredients you might need. Take a stroll down aisle 7, where all your Italian product dreams will come true. Also, stop by where we make our fresh pasta and mozzarella and slice our prosciutto. We guarantee you’ll be walking out of our store with a cart full of groceries, ready to make the best Italian meal you’ve ever cooked!

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