Meat Department

 Quality makes all the difference

The meat department at Farmer Joe’s is unrivaled. Enjoy the largest selection of high-quality meats at budget-friendly prices. Our meat counter professionals can help you select the perfect meat and explain how to prepare it, cook it, and what makes it different than what you can buy from our competitors.

Talk about fresh - we receive meat deliveries from our suppliers 7 days a week. Our ground beef is made fresh daily. So are our delicious homemade sausage and in-house smoked bacon.

Enjoy specialty meats you can’t find anywhere else, including American wagyu and imported Japanese A5 wagyu.

Featured Vendor

Braveheart Beef

We are proud to offer a variety of signature Braveheart Black Angus Beef® products. Taste the difference in this incredible meat.

Featured Vendor

Allegiance Pork

Highest quality, fork-tender, beautifully marbled pork - that’s what you can expect from the Allegiance premium pork products on our shelves.

Featured Vendor

Freebird Chicken

We love this humanely-raised, antibiotic-free poultry. Chickens who are given room to roam and nutrient-dense diets in stress-free environments just taste better.