The Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Food

December 3, 2021

There is a plethora of health and overall benefits to eating locally grown food. Eating natively sourced food supports farmers and gives consumers a wide selection of items that might not be found in traditional grocery stores.

High-quality, locally grown fresh food doesn’t have to be expensive. When locally grown food is in season, it’s often less expensive than food that comes from a different location. In fact, locally grown organic produce can sometimes be found at a lower price than conventional items that aren’t in season in that region.

At Farmer Joe’s Fresh Market in Cape Coral, you have the option to eat high-quality, fresh food grown from all around Florida. Here are 4 consumer and community benefits from choosing locally grown food.

1) Local food is healthier for you

When produce has to travel long distances, it can oftentimes become less nutritious. The longer it takes for fresh fruits and vegetables to reach you, the more nutrients it loses. This is why locally grown food has higher nutritional value because it doesn’t have to travel (or sit in distribution centers) for extended periods of time before you eat it. Opt for farm-fresh straight to your table for naturally, healthier groceries for your family.

2) It supports the local economy

By purchasing locally grown produce, you are supporting your local community. By buying items from local companies instead of large companies, locals benefit from the economic growth of the area around them. Locally owned businesses generate income that stays in the community helping our state grow economically stronger. One way to help support local farmers from Florida is by shopping at Farmer Joe’s Fresh Market!

3) You get to experience trying new kinds of food

By purchasing locally grown produce, you have the opportunity to try new food items you might not be able to find as easily in chain grocery stores. When you shop at Farmer Joe’s, check out some of our unique and delicious, farm-fresh produce items such as shishito peppers, honey nut squash, okra, just to name a few.

4) Local food is good for our planet

Food that is locally sourced uses fewer fossil fuels to transport. Fossil fuels are used when transporting products over large distances, which emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is known to contribute to climate change and global warming. By eating locally, you can minimize your impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Warn your tastebuds before you eat locally sourced food because it has way more flavor! Fresher produce means better-tasting fruit and vegetables for your family. At Farmer Joe’s Fresh Market, we are an independent, family-owned grocery store committed to supporting the local economy and providing healthy options for people who live in Southwest Florida. Stop in and see us!

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