What is Farm Fresh Food?

May 23, 2022

At Farmer Joe’s, we like to say that we provide farm fresh food for less. We pride ourselves on bringing real food back to the family dinner table, championing local products, and creating an enchanting customer experience. Carrying out these goals starts, first and foremost, with our fresh food. But, the question is, what exactly is farm fresh food? It’s so much more than a slogan we put on the Farmer Joe’s brand. Fresh food is the thing that fuels us and drives our passion as a grocery store. Here is a breakdown of what it means:

Locally Grown

Farm fresh food at Farmer Joe’s means that our food is locally grown. Carrying locally grown food in our store is an effort to champion local farms and local products. We are proud to say that we get our fresh food from 16 different local farms across the state of Florida. These farms include Mike Lott Farms, Ledesma Farms, Hanshaw Farms, Fresh Start Produce Sales™, Farmers Alliance, Florida Specialties, Frisbie Farms, Rojo Farms, Oakes Farms, Thomas Produce Company, J&J Family of Farms, Naples Fresh, Duda Farms, Finn Farms, Pioneer Growers, and Noble Citrus. We are proud to be partnered with all of these Florida farms, and we truly believe that they bring life to the meaning of farm fresh food at Farmer Joe’s.

Health Benefits

Another way to define the meaning of farm fresh food is through its health benefits. One of the major health benefits of buying farm fresh is that the food is fresher. Farm fresh food is picked at the peak of its ripeness, ensuring that it is most nutrient-dense. Fresh foods contain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutritional benefits that are vital to good health. When you purchase and consume food that is farm fresh and full of these important health benefits, you lower your risk of sickness and disease. At Farmer Joe’s, we always want to make sure that we are selling you food that tastes good and will make you feel good.


Speaking of health benefits, another great definition of farm-fresh foods is unprocessed. What exactly does unprocessed mean? Unprocessed means that the food has not been altered for the purpose of preservation. The reason that processed foods are not as beneficial as unprocessed foods is when processed, a lot of the nutritional value can be destroyed or removed. At Farmer Joe’s, we do our best to ensure that the food we sell is minimally or completely unprocessed because we believe that you should have access to as many health benefits in your food as possible.

Great Taste

If you’ve ever eaten our fresh food, you know that it tastes so much better than anything else. Many factors play a role in this. As discussed earlier, farm fresh foods getting picked at peak ripeness play a major role in why they taste so great. Also, all of the extra nutrients and health benefits included in unprocessed foods aren’t just better for your health; they are better for your taste buds. Your dinner guests are sure to tell a difference when you prepare your meal with fresh foods!

If these things don’t give a clear meaning of what farm fresh food really is, we don’t know what will! Farmer Joe’s works tirelessly to partner with Florida farmers to bring our customers food that is unprocessed, full of health benefits, and better-tasting. What more could possibly ask for in a local grocery store? Stop into Farmer Joe’s to get your hands on our farm fresh food!

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