Wine Tasting with Grocery Shopping

July 29, 2023

Did you know that once a month Farmer Joe’s hosts a monthly Wine Tasting? It’s true! We love that we get to combine a daily task like grocery shopping with something fun like trying a new wine. Who wouldn’t want to sip and taste delicious wines all while grabbing your groceries for the week? That sounds like a blast to us! If you’re wondering what to expect at a Farmer Joe’s Wine Tasting, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what happens at our monthly Wine Tastings:


First thing first, you have to know when the wine tastings are happening. That way you can plan your grocery shopping around being there, right?! We host our monthly Wine Tastings on the first Wednesday of the month. Each month, we create an event that can be found on both our website and our Facebook page with the exact date. But, it is always safe to mark your calendars in advance for that first Wednesday of the month! That way you can always plan ahead. Invite your friends, too! They’ll love getting a grocery shopping experience like they’ve never had before.


Our monthly wine tastings are hosted right inside our store! Our wine-tasting experience may not be what you expect. You are able to sip on wines throughout the store while you grocery shop and browse. You can bring your friends along with you to make the experience that much more enjoyable. It’s also a great way to help them become loyal Farmer Joe’s customers, just like you! There’s nothing like stopping into Farmer Joe’s to grab some fresh produce while also being able to sip on some of the most delicious wines you’ll ever find. If you have never been a part of the fun, mark your calendars right away so you can get in on the next one.


Wine, of course! But on a more serious note, we serve a wide variety of different wines from several different places. At one of our more recent wine tastings, we had the honor to have Victor Trentadue join us. Victor owns Trentadue Winery in California. He even signed bottles of wine for our guests! Also, one of our current featured wine vendors is Touton Wine. They distribute many unique, international wines, including wines from South Africa. If you stop by one of our monthly wine tastings, you are sure to run into one of the incredible wines distributed by Touton Wine. We also have the most incredible staff that is so knowledgeable about every single wine we serve and sell. They are there to answer your questions and provide an amazing experience at each Farmer Joe’s wine tasting! 

If you’re looking to step up your grocery shopping experience, coming to Farmer Joe’s monthly Wine Tasting is the way to do it! Remember, they’re on the first Wednesday of every month so you can mark your calendars ahead of time. For a more accurate date, always be sure to check our website and our Facebook page. The wine tastings take place all throughout the store and are open to everyone old enough to purchase wine. We love when customers bring along their friends and family to get in on all of the fun. Experience some of the most delicious wines from all over the world. We have incredible distributors and knowledgeable staff to answer all of your questions. To learn more about Farmer Joe’s, our wine tastings, and all of our other events, visit our website today!

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