Locally Sourced Produce Is Community Goodness

March 28, 2024

Fresh pumpkins and squash in the Fall, sweet strawberries in Spring! Southwest Florida is a great place to grow the seasonal foods you crave. Don’t have the time to grow your own? Or worry you don’t have a “green thumb?” Don’t fret! Farmer Joe’s is committed to doing the “down in the dirt” farm work to ensure you can fill your cart with the best SWFL has to offer. Whenever possible, we choose locally sourced produce.

Seasonal Eating

Choosing local produce is a great way to eat what’s in season! Seasonal eating helps make sure that the food you consume is higher in nutrients because it’s harvested at its best! When commercial farmers ship produce long-distance, it’s often picked before it’s ripe so it can survive the journey. Our produce goes a very short distance – from our farms to your table! It’s also a great way to get in the spirit of each season. Here’s a Quick Reference List of some SWFL seasonal favorites:

  • Potatoes – January through July
  • Cantaloupes – March through July
  • Blueberries – April through June
  • Watermelons – April through July
  • Avacados – June through January
  • Dragon Fruit – June through November
  • Passion Fruit – July through March
  • Grapefruit – September through June
  • Pumpkins – All Fall Long
  • Tangerines – September through May
  • Strawberries – October through June
  • Sweet Peppers – October through July

Some local favorites can be grown year-round! Fruits like Papaya and Guava, vegetables like green beans and green onions, and tropical treats like coconuts are always in season. Leeks and Limes are also year-round harvests here in the Sunshine State.

Local Economy & Environment

You know that locally sourced produce is beneficial to your body. It’s also beneficial for your community! When you buy locally, you’re helping keep farmland and green space maintained. You’re also supporting your farming neighbors. Farmers and their families depend on shoppers like you to keep their farms thriving! They can then reinvest in our local services and businesses to keep our community alive and well – a true win/win. 

Safer Food Supply

By eliminating multiple steps and stops between our farms and our shelves, we have cut down on contamination risks. Our fruits and veg are grown, harvested, washed, and distributed within the same state! Produce that is shipped from elsewhere has the potential for safety concerns at each shipping and distribution point. The more steps, the more chances for things to be damaged or sullied.

Storage Tips

Did you know that the way you store your produce can affect how long it stays fresh?
Keeping fruits like berries refrigerated in sealed glass containers can keep them plump and juicy! Root vegetables like potatoes should be kept out of the fridge and separated from onions and bananas. Looking to keep your asparagus from going limp in the fridge? Trim off the bottoms of the stalks and set the whole bunch in a glass jar with about 2 inches of water first!

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