Grocery Store Floral Care Basics

April 23, 2022

Spring has officially sprung in Southwest Florida, and buying flowers is now a part of your trip to the grocery store. There’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of your favorite florals. They can make any home feel warm and welcoming on a beautiful spring day. While having flowers in your home can brighten up any room, it’s important to know how to properly care for your fresh foliage. Caring for your florals can extend their life and give you the most out of your favorite grocery store purchase. Here are some tips to best care for your Farmer Joe’s florals this spring:

1. Flower Food

When purchasing your favorite flowers at your local grocery store, you will notice that they come with their own flower food. Do not ignore this and throw it away! The flower food that comes with your bouquets is imperative to the life of your florals. Most flower foods have three main ingredients: citric acid, sugar, and bleach. These ingredients are your best chance at making sure your flowers stay fresh and long-lasting. The citric acid lowers the vase water pH, the bleach wards off bacteria, and the sugar acts as nutrients for the stems. Together, these ingredients make for the best life insurance for your beautiful florals.

2. Sunlight

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to make sure your florals are getting proper sunlight. Have you ever wondered why sunlight is so important for flowers? Sunlight gives flowers the ability to self-feed and self-nourish through a process called photosynthesis. Make it a point to place your bouquets near a window that receives plenty of sun exposure. If you’re unsure how much sunlight your specific flowers should be getting, be sure to ask someone in the Farmer Joe’s floral department. They would be more than happy to help you with all of your floral questions!

3. Water

Again, another potential no-brainer, but water is a crucial part of caring for your beautiful florals from the grocery store. The flower vase should be filled with water two-thirds of the way. The water should be lukewarm. Be sure to check the water level of your flowers every few days. As the florals “drink” the water, you’ll notice the level start to get lower and lower. Be sure to fill your vase back up as the water level goes down. Avoid using water that is too hot or too cold as either extreme can shorten the life of your flowers. 

4. Stem Trimming

Most of the time, it is necessary to trim your flower stems before putting them in the vase with water and flower food. Do not trim your stems straight across! When you trim your flowers for the vase, trim them at an angle. Why is this important? When you trim the stems at an angle, it allows for more surface area to take in the water and other nutrients. Also, while cutting the flowers, be sure to be very gentle. You do not want to crush any of the stems, as this will significantly shorten the life of your beautiful florals.

You’re sure to have the freshest and prettiest home on the block with all of the beautiful flowers you pick up from the grocery store this spring! Farmer Joe’s has the best of the best when it comes to Florida-grown flowers. Not only do we offer bouquets for your home, but we also offer custom event arrangements and wedding bouquets. Visit our website or stop in the store to learn more about how we can help bring the beauty of florals into your life.

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