Specialty Foods at Farmer Joe’s

September 30, 2022

Farmer Joe’s offers all kinds of high-quality, delicious specialty foods. We pride ourselves on offering farm fresh for less. The way we bring back real food to the family dinner table is by partnering with farmers, championing local products, and creating an enchanting customer experience. We are the grocery store customers love to visit for all of their specialty food wants and needs. Read on to learn more about some of our delicious specialty options:

Farm Fresh Produce

Farmer Joe’s has one of the largest Produce Departments in all of Florida. The biggest thing that sets us apart is that we buy local produce as much as possible. We purchase from over 20 local farms to bring you more food that is fresh, nutritious, and affordable. Produce that we can’t get locally, we get from America when possible. If not possible to get certain products from America, we’ll import it. Unlike our competitors who rely on cargo ships, much of our produce will be flown in by jet to ensure freshness and quality 365 days a year. Because we source products directly from farmers, we pass the savings on to you! 

Top Quality Meats & Seafood

The Meat and Seafood Departments at Farmer Joe’s are unrivaled. You can enjoy selections from the highest quality meat and seafood in town at budget-friendly prices. Our suppliers deliver meat 7 days a week to ensure total and complete freshness. As for our seafood, we have the freshest fish brought in daily by local fishermen. Both our meat and our seafood are reasonably priced because we truly believe that high-quality meat and fish should be accessible to all. These unparalleled departments are sure to have everything that you are looking for!

Sweet Bakery Treats

Our Bakery Department offers a delicious variety of made-to-order cakes and specialty items, along with familiar favorites like zucchini bread, banana walnut bread, and key lime pie. Signature items from our executive Pastry Chef, Anwar Khattabi, include Amish-style Dutch apple pies, cookies, chocolate cake, tiramisu, and more. Our bakery is scratch-made meaning that everything you see is made in-house at Farmer Joe’s. We also offer custom cake orders for birthdays and other special occasions.

Authentic Italian & Ethnic Food

Our authentic Italian and ethnic food options are the definitions of specialty foods! At Farmer Joe’s, we do not mess around when it comes to our Italian and other ethnic selections. Our Italian Department features Venchi Chocolates, Cento brands, and Flora brands as well. Our Ethnic Foods Department will have you exploring flavors from the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South and Central America, Asia, Europe, and much more. 

Wholesome Dairy Products

Our Dairy Department features remarkable products from responsible farmers. Farmer Joe’s is your go-to place for specialty dairy products that are still easy on your budget. Our Dairy Department is stocked with fresh, wholesome products, sourced from both the midwest and locally here in Florida. 80% of our dairy cases are comprised of specialty items, with a large variety of Amish products like Amish rolled butter and churned butter. Not to mention, we have a huge selection of Hispanic dairy products, including yogurts, cheeses, queso, and many other refrigerated Hispanic items.

Along with our produce, meat, seafood, baked goods, Italian and ethnic foods, and dairy products, we offer a number of other specialty foods at Farmer Joe’s. We truly are your one-stop shop for everything you might need. Not only do we offer the best of the best but we also offer it at a competitive, reasonable price. This makes sure that our specialty foods are accessible to everyone! To learn more, visit our website.

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