Spring Vegetables at Farmer Joe’s

March 31, 2023

There’s nothing quite like eating vegetables in the season when they grow the best. Spring vegetables are especially delicious! They burst with color and make the best side or garnish for any springtime meal. At Farmer Joe’s, we offer an array of different and tasty vegetables every season. We pride ourselves on selling locally grown produce that is truly a cut above every other grocery store around. Our loyal customers flock to our store to get their hands on the best vegetables in town. Read on to check out some of the amazing spring vegetables we offer at Farmer Joe’s. 


Lettuce is one of the best and most versatile spring vegetables. There are so many different things you can do with it! It can be used for a delicious, fresh, and vibrant salad or can be included in many different types of sandwiches. At Farmer Joe’s, we get our lettuce from a few different local farms. Those farms are Naples Fresh Farms and Duda Farms. We are proud to be able to source our fresh lettuce from local Florida farms. It is always our hope to be able to support local farmers that grow the freshest and best produce. Come check out the fresh lettuce at Farmer Joe’s today!


Radishes may not be the most popular vegetable, but they sure are one of the tastiest! They can be served raw with butter, roasted, or even served on your next Taco Tuesday night. Radishes have many different uses. Just like our lettuce, we proudly get our radish from Duda Farms. They are a farm located in the central Florida area. Other great ways to incorporate radishes can be to grill them with steaks, add them in to a salad with your Farmer Joe’s lettuce, and so much more! Radishes are sure to become some of your favorite spring vegetables.


Who doesn’t love peppers?! There are so many varieties of them and so many different things you can do with them. Peppers are amongst some of the best and most popular spring vegetables. At Farmer Joe’s, we get our peppers from a few different farms. Those farms include Windsor Distributing, Thomas Farms in Boca Raton, J & J Family Farms in Loxahatchee, Oakes Farms, Rojo Farms, and Frisbie Farms in Immokalee. As well as Fresh Start Produce in Boca Raton, Hanshaw Farms in Naples, Ark Foods in Immokalee, Underground Farms in Plant City, and Veneziano Farms. As you can see, peppers are a popular vegetable! We are so lucky to be able to get the ones we offer from Farmer Joe’s from so many great local Florida farms.

As we head into April and are full speed ahead with the spring season, it is important to know which vegetables are best for springtime. We hope that this was able to give you a little bit more knowledge about the spring vegetables we have to offer at Farmer Joe’s. We look forward to having you stop in to pick some of these delicious veggies up for your next meal! To learn more about Farmer Joe’s and all of the produce we have to offer, please visit our website.

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